How to Organize Your Car

The beginning of the year is always a good time to get your life in order.  Organizing your home can make your life much less stressful, but don’t forget about your car!  Keeping your car in order is actually more important because of the safety risks that clutter poses in your vehicle.  You might even … Continue reading


Have yourself a merry little Christmas! And a Happy New Year Got a Motorhead on your list?  We’ve got: Apparel, Car/Truck/SUV Accessories, Cleaners & Waxes, Collectible Die Cast Accessories, & SO MUCH MORE.   Whether you are shopping for anyone that owns a car (may we suggest our wide array of Jax Wax Products) or a true … Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep it Clean

Remember when you took great pride in your vehicle’s appearance.  The spotless interior and the fresh coat of wax making it shine.  Then you grew up and started working 40+ hours a week and your car has lost its sparkle.  Whether it’s the kids taking over the backseat marked by clutter, crumbs, & cringe-inducing stains … Continue reading

Timeline Trivia puts your trivia night skills to the test!

Do your friends always call you to go to trivia night with them because you know way to much useless information? Does your spouse refuse to play Trivial Pursuit with you because you have a full pie before anyone else has a slice? Tomorrow our Timeline Trivia will put your skills to the test! To celebrate the … Continue reading

5 Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Winter is the harshest time of the year for vehicles. While our winter this year seemed to be one of the mildest in the recent past, there is still corrosive salt, repeated freezing/thawing of your vehicle, and lack of cleaning in the cold weather to worry about.  So, in the spirit of the first week of spring. … Continue reading